Entry #1

Sup newgrounds.

2014-08-06 16:38:04 by DiMMfx

Sup guys. So our names are Vash, Derek and Mali, nice to meet you all.
Anyways, just wanted to inform everyone a bit about us. So far we are just some
guys that have been animating sprites for years now. Derek and Vash started 
thanks to site like newgrounds. We recently decided to start working together to upload
more content on the web. Sadly places like youtube aren't really the best when it comes to
animators and uploading animations. So we decided to also start uploading our content over
to newgrounds, the site that made us into who we are. Hopefully we can help entertain and
make a few people laugh in the process. Hope you guys enjoy.

Oh yeah and one more thing, we might be posting a lot of our older videos up here through out
the day so we are sorry if it gets spammy. Kisses ;D


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